"Express" loyalty program

“Express” Program Rules

1. Terms and definitions
1.1. Bank – JSC “SB “Belarusbank ”.
1.2. BR – state association “Belarusian Railway”.
1.3. Card – personal debit card issued by the bank.
1.4. Card product – Club1 "Carte Blanche".
1.5. Client – a private individual (resident of the Republic of Belarus) who has concluded the card agreement with the bank.
1.6. “Express” program (hereinafter – Program) – joint loyalty program of the bank and BR, aimed at stimulating non-cash transactions of payment for travel documents (tickets) ordered on the BR website. This program is carried out by using bank cards, paying money to the client's account as a reward.
1.7. Bank's website – www.asb.by. (www.asb.by).
1.8. Website of BR – web services of state association “Belarusian Railway” (http://pass.rw.bymobile application “BC.My train”).
1.9. Account – the current (settlement) bank account, which can be accessed by a debit bank payment card.
1.10. Program member – client, the holder of a card issued within the card product. Transaction using this card product is the basis for bonus accrual and payment.

2. General conditions
2.1. “Express” Program Rules (hereinafter – Rules) determine the terms and order for the bank’s settlement and payment as a reward for the members of the Program using cards and/or its requisites for non-cash payment of travel documents (tickets) reserved on the BR website (hereinafter - bonus).
2.2. The rules are allocated:
on the Bank’s website;
in the Internet banking system;
on the BR’s website.
2.3. The information on terms of accrual and bonus payment is allocated on the Bank's Internet website:
list of card products of the Program;
bonus size;
list of non-cash transactions that are included in the calculation of the bonus;
minimum amount of one non-cash debit transaction;
maximum amount of payment for a certain period;
period of the bonus payment;
information about change and/or termination of the Program.
2.4. The Bank, unilaterally and at its own discretion, shall be entitled to change the Rules of Participation in the Program and/or terminate the Program.
The bank informs the participants of the Program about changes and/or termination of the Program by allocating relevant information on the bank's website.
2.5. The client shall be obliged not to abuse the opportunities provided by the Program to artificially (in the Bank’s opinion) inflate the income received under the Program.
If the abuses mentioned in first part of the paragraph are identified, the bank shall be entitled to reject the client in the bonus payment under the Program, and also, suspend accrual of his bonus, thereof on permanent basis, without prior notification.

3. Bonus accrual
3.1. The bonus is calculated from the amount of each non-cash transaction, minus the amount of the cancellation or refund of the purchase (if available), which are reflected in the client's account in the billing month.
The bank accrues bonuses for debit non-cash transactions in the month of their reflection on the client's account, on the terms valid at the date of the reflection.
3.2. The bonus amount is taxed in accordance with the current tax law2.
3.3. The amount of the bonus, as well as the amount of income tax are reflected in the client's account on the last business day of the month.
The withheld amount of income tax is transferred by the bank to the budget.
3.4. Bonus will not be accrued if:
the Bank terminates the Program including on debit non-cash transactions committed and/or reflected on the customer's account after the termination date of the Program;
the Member of the Program closes the account before the deadline set by the Program to accrue the bonus. The bank does not accrue and pay the bonus on such an account, both for the billing month and for the period from the beginning of this month to the date of the account closing.


Bank card product name

Bonus size, %

Minimum transaction amount, BYN

Maximum bonus amount, BYN

Period of bonus reflection on the client's account

"Carte Blanche" club


50,00 BYN

20,00 BYN

Last working day of a month

"Persona" club

(on cards issued before 19.09.23)


[1]Club –a complex product, within the bank commits to issue a card and provides a range of additional services.

[2]In accordance with the Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 493 On development of non-cash settlements dated October 16, 2014 during the period from April 30, 2015 to January 1, 2021 cash paid to individuals as a reward for transactions using card and/or its requisites is nontaxable, but not more than 2% of the amount of such an operation.



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