Discounts and special offers in 2022 (from 12.12.2021)

1. Dynamic tariff management:

From 12.12.2021 the system of dynamic tariff management and demand stimulation applied in Belarus–Russia direction for:

compartment carriage or  sleeping carriage (except train №2/1 Мinsk—Мoscow);

seating carriages of №717/718 and №721/722 Мoscow-Minsk trains.

A system of dynamic tariff management and demand stimulation which includes a matrix of coefficients that regulate fares depending on the period of ticket sales and seat/berth occupancy in international trains. Recalculation of employment rates is carried out with each new registration or return of travel documents. The system analyzes these factors in real time (on-line) and, depending on the data obtained, recalculates the fare along the entire route. The basic principle of this system is as follows: the higher the demand and fewer seats, the higher the price of travel.

When organizing the sale of travel documents using the system of dynamic tariff management and demand stimulation, discounts/surcharges are not applied in trains depending on the period of ticket sales, discount with simultaneous issuing of travel documents in the direction of "there" and "back". Dynamic tariff management also don’t apply when booking tickets at group rates.

2. 10% discount on side seats of compartment and direct compartment carriages (trains travelling between Russia and Belarus, except train №2/1 Мinsk—Мoscow).

(ATTENTION! In connection with clause 1, discounts / surcharges will be canceled depending on the period of purchase of travel documents for travel in compartment cars and SV cars, a 10% discount when issuing travel documents for travel in compartment cars and SV cars in the direction "there" and "back ", as well as a 30% discount when traveling by SV cars and paying by a passenger for the whole compartment.)

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