How to simplify issuing of travel document using the mobile application “BC. My train”

First of all, we offer to learn the Rules of issuing travel documents for trains with numbered and unnumbered seats, as well as information of issuing travel documents using the mobile app “BC. My train”.

The main function of the mobile app “BC. My train” is the passenger’s ability to issue e-tickets. This process is divided into steps. Learn more about the recommendations for simplifying the purchasing process.

User authorization occurs by entering an email address and password. For users who have been registered on previous website (, need to enter a login and password.

Favorite routes

Adding a route to favorites will make it much easier to find stations of departure and destination. Favorite routes are displayed on the start tab of the mobile app. The app automatically fills names of the departure and destination stations by tapping on it.

To add a route to your favorites, click on the “*” icon in the top right corner. It should become orange.


To delete the route from your favorites, you need to click "Delete from favorites".


If you save schedule for all days, you will be able to browse the appropriate schedule on favorite route offline.


Favorite trains

There is also a possibility to add the selected trains in favorites.

To do this, during browsing the train schedule, you need to choose the train you are interested in and press the “route” button. Then click on the “*” icon in the top right corner. It should become orange.



To delete the route from your favorites, you need to click "Delete from favorites".

The app includes details from the search options such as available seats, the possibility of electronic registration (for trains with numbered seats), seats for people with disabilities, type of direction, category of carriages, departure time, arrival time.


You can also indicate the number of passengers, two or more (no more than 4). This indication is available at the stage of selecting the train carriage.


At the stage of entering passenger data, you need to enter information about each passenger or issue tickets for one of them (domestic direction only).


The system offers seat selection for two or more passengers. International automated Express-3 system provides seats selection, numbered in a row. If you need to issue tickets for certain seats, we recommend to carry out this with several bookings.    

You can indicate seats range by clicking on the first and the last seat. The system will select seats automatically from the chosen range.


In addition, you can choose a seat on different parameters (location or range of seats).


There is "Passengers" tab in profile. You can create a list with personal data in advance.

It is enough to select a previously saved passenger from the relevant list during the ordering process.



Travelling in international trains with numbered seats, the bed linen fee is automatically included in the price. You can pay for this service by marking the appropriate mark on the step of entering passenger data (travelling within RB). Later, the payment mark of the service will be displayed in the order of the profile, in e-ticket and on the mobile device of the conductor.


Maximum number of orders

Completed order is moved to the order cart. The maximum number of orders in the cart is 20. At the same time it is possible to place orders for different directions, routes, trains and for different passengers. The order cart is paid in one payment.

Electronic payments system ASSIST

Service “One click” allows users that have made three or more successful payments for tickets with their bank cards to accomplish new purchases by confirming the payment with their CVC2 (CVV) code with no need to enter their cards’ details.

For more information, contact the technical support department of the Company of Electronic Payments ASSIST support

To cancel the payment, user needs to click “Refusal of payment” button.



You can browse your orders (tickets) in the "Orders" tab of the main menu or profile.

All user orders are divided into 4 categories:

- «active» – upcoming orders;

- «activation required» – orders for activation;

- «archive» – previous orders;

- «return» – returned orders.


For more information, you can contact passenger support center: tel. 151; e-mail; Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp; feddback form.

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