Interregional Lines

Interregional lines — transport between the city of Minsk and regional centers between regional centers.

Depending on the speed of the trains and stops in the villages are divided into business class and economy class.

электропоезд серии ЭПМ

The train consists of 7 carriages. It takes 3 hours to cover the distance of 300km.

The train is equipped with safety features and ergonomic design of carriage compartments. Seat design and fittings on the train take into account passenger behaviour to ensure high comfort levels even on longer journeys.

The whole train is designated no smoking.

Train provides 382 seats in the 1st and 2nd class. There will be 16 seats in the 1st  class zone (enhanced comfort zone). 

In the first-class carriage for services of passengers - folding leather seats with adjustable backrest with the possibility lumbar supports and footrest. The carriage has 2+2 seating rows. 

1 class
  • comfortable seats with a back that is adjustable and individual armrests;
  • individual lightning;
  • folding table;
  • mobile charging;
  • sun-protective roller blinds;
  • wardrobe;
  • area for passengers with prams, bicycles and large baggage.

The 2 class carriage has 2+3 seating rows on each side.

2 class
  • comfortable seats with a back that is adjustable and individual armrests;
  • folding table;
  • mobile charging;
  • area for passengers with prams, bicycles and large baggage.

The trains are equipped with sockets 220 between seats for notebooks and recharging and Wi-Fi-system to access the internet.

A comfortable environment is maintained in the cabin regardless of the season. Coaches have soft carpets for comfort and additional sound insulation.

All compartments have clothes hangers and ample space for storing bulky luggage.

10 double large boards in each carriage display the carriage number and keep passengers up to date during the entire trip about saloon air temperature and current speed.

There is a bar (menu) in № 3(10) carriage, toilets - in carriages №№ 2(9), 5(12) and 6(13). In carriage № 6 (13) - area for prams and bikes, toilet for passengers with limited mobility.

The entrance doors are equipped with folding ramps so that passengers have easily enter the carriage.

By increasing of passenger traffic, the diesel train can be operated in dual mode (7 + 7 cars).

Seating arrangement in carriages
1 (8) carriage
электропоезд серии ЭПМ
2 (9) carriage
электропоезд серии ЭПМ
3 (10) carriage
электропоезд серии ЭПМ
4 (11) carriage
электропоезд серии ЭПМ
5 (12) carriage
электропоезд серии ЭПМ
6 (13) carriage
электропоезд серии ЭПМ
7 (14) carriage
электропоезд серии ЭПМ
Services in train
1 class 2 class
Car № 1 (8) Cars № 2–7 (9–14)
Mobile charging + +
Press + +
Meal service + -
Bar + +
Video + +
Smoking area - -
Wi-Fi + +

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