Railway stations

Minsk Pasažyrski Railway Station
Minsk Pasažyrski Railway Station
220006 Minsk, pl. Pryvakzaĺnaja, 5.
Viciebsk Railway Station
Viciebsk Railway Station
210001 Viciebsk, Kasmanaŭtaŭ, 8.
Homieĺ Railway Station
Homieĺ Railway Station
246017 Homieĺ, pl. Pryvakzaĺnaja, 3.
Mahilioŭ Railway Station
Mahilioŭ Railway Station
212001 Mahilioŭ, pl. Pryvakzaĺnaja, 1.
Brest Centraĺny Railway Station
Brest Centraĺny Railway Station
224004 Brest, Pryvakzaĺnaja 1.
Hrodna Railway Station
Hrodna Railway Station
230023 Hrodna, vul. Budzionaha 37.
Polack Railway Station
211400 Viciebskaja Voblasć, Polack, Kastryčnickaja 44.
Lida Railway Station
231300, Hrodzienskaja Voblasć, Lida, Truchanava, 12в.
Maladziečna Railway Station
222310 Minskaja Voblasć, Maladziečna, Vakzaĺnaja 1.
Orša Railway Station
211381 Viciebskaja Voblasć, Orša, Zaslonava 3a.
Barysaŭ Railway Station
222120 Minskaja Voblasć, Barysaŭ, Pracy 7a.
Baranavičy Palieskija Railway Station
225410 Bresckaja Voblasć, Baranavičy, Fraliankova 13.
Pinsk Railway Station
225710 Bresckaja Voblasć, Pinsk, Čyhunačnaja 19.
Asipovičy Railway Station
213760 Mahilioŭskaja Voblasć, Asipovičy, Vakzaĺnaja, 18.
Kryčaŭ Railway Station
213500 Mahilioŭskaja Voblasć, Kryčaŭ, Puhačova, 6.
Luniniec Railway Station
225644 Bresckaja Voblasć, Luniniec, Vakzaĺnaja, 6.
Babrujsk Railway Station
213819 Mahilioŭskaja Voblasć, Babrujsk, Čyhunačnaja, 13.
Žlobin Railway Station
247210 Homieĺskaja Voblasć, Žlobin, Pryvakzaĺnaja Plošča.
Kalinkavičy Railway Station
247710 Homieĺskaja Voblasć, Kalinkavičy, Kastryčnickaja 30.
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