Minsk Pasažyrski — Brest Centraĺny

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International Lines
004Б, Brest Centraĺny — Moskva Belorusskaya
Route days: 09.08, 11.08, 13.08
Station Arrival Departure Stop In way
Brest Centraĺny 17:37
Baranavičy Centraĺnyja 19:38 19:41 3 min
Minsk Pasažyrski 21:15 21:44 29 min
Orša Centraĺnaja 23:54 00:11 17 min
Smolensk Tsentralnyj 01:27 01:37 10 min
Safonovo 02:41 02:43 2 min
Vyazma 03:28 03:54 26 min
Moskva Belorusskaya 06:54
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