Travel issuance for organized passenger groups

In accordance with the Procedure for carriage of organized passenger groups by regional, interregional and international  trains of Belarusian Railway: 

1.3. An organized passenger group (hereinafter referred to as OPG) is considered to be a group of at least 10 people, the carriage of which is carried out under an advance request of an individual or legal entity. A group of passengers must follow the same route in one train. It is allowed to travel in cars of various categories (classes). 

In determining the size of OPG following in international traffic, two children who paid for the travel cost at the children's tariff are counted as one adult. Children, who travel in a group at the children's tariff, are not given discounts. 

1.4. OPG carriage is carried out under an advance request of legal entities or individuals (hereinafter referred to as the Customer).

2.1. Requests for organizing the carriage of OPG are accepted at points of sale of travel documents (tickets), a list of which with addresses and working hours is posted on the corporate website of Belarusian Railway. 

2.2. Requests for organizing the carriage of OPG are accepted by an authorized employee of the road department upon availability of seats at the earliest 45 days before the departure of the train.

2.3. Requests for organizing the carriage of OPG are accepted:

  • from legal entities only upon the signature of the head certified by a seal. The request shall include: the name of organization, legal address, current account, bank details, carriage payment guarantee, number of seats, class and type of car, date and desired time of departure/arrival, departure and destination station; 
  • from individuals under the request form given in Annex 1 to the Procedure.

2.4. If it is impossible to implement the request at the time of application, the railway department shall notify the Customer within 5 working days on the results of consideration of the OPG carriage request.

3.3. In booking seats, travel documents shall be paid and issued within 5 days.

In booking seats less than 5 days before the train departure, travel documents are issued on the next day (in bank transfer except weekends). 

3.4. If the reserved places were not bought within the established term, they will be returned for free sale to the AMS Express.

3.5. In filing group requests for booking seats in regular passenger trains, a tariff for each seat ordered is charged in accordance with legislation. In case of refusal of allocated seats, the tariff charged is not refunded. 

3.6. The OPG travel issuance is made on one form of the travel document, issued in the name of the group leader in each car. At the same time, no more than three travel documents are issued for individual seats, including a travel document for the group leader. 

At the Customer's request, travel documents can be issued for each passenger.

3.7. Payment for OPG travelling in regular trains to the CIS and Baltic countries is made in accordance with Section 5 of the MGPT with a group discount on the total travel cost depending on the number of people in a group and the distance of carriage. 

The cost of travel documents (tickets and reserved seats) for OPG travelling in regional and interregional trains is determined without applying group discounts at the tariffs of the corresponding class of car and type of rolling stock. 

Discounts for group travel

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