Purchase of travel documents (tickets) by bank transfer
  1. In accordance with the Procedure for interaction of organizations that are part of the Belarusian Railway with legal entities in their purchasing travel documents (tickets) by bank transfer: 

    1. For issuing travel documents (tickets) by bank transfer, a legal entity shall submit a request (Annex 1) to the organization of the Belarusian Railway, which issues travel documents (tickets), with payment by bank transfer (hereinafter referred to as BRW station).

    2. All fields of the request indicating sufficient and reliable information shall be filled in.

    3. The filled request form shall be submitted in person, sent by fax or transmitted by e-mail (address of the BRW stations) at least 24 hours before the train departure.

    4. Within 3 hours after the receipt of the order (request), the BRW station shall confirm by phone (fax) the fact of booking or refusal to provide seats. If there is no booking confirmation, the order is considered not accepted.

    5. Based on the request, a ticket cashier makes booking of seats and issues an invoice for the amount of the travel cost and the amount for the services for issuing (returning), reissuing the ticket for travel and booking seats in two copies. Carriage payments shall be charged at the rates applicable on the day the invoice is issued.

    6. One copy of the invoice remains at the ticket office of the BRW station, the other is issued for payment to the legal entity.  Issuance and payment of travel documents (tickets) shall be carried out up to 12.00 a.m of the day the invoice is issued. In paying the next day, when the cost of travel documents (tickets) changes, an additional invoice shall be payable for the difference that arises. Excess amount paid by a legal entity for travel documents (tickets) shall be reflected in the act of services rendered (Annex 2).

    7. Payment of the invoice received shall be made by the legal entity by bank transfer to the account indicated in the invoice, prior to the issuance of travel documents, within the time period specified in Clause 6 of this Procedure.

    8. To receive travel documents (tickets) by a representative of a legal entity, the ticket office shall be provided with: the original of the request, a copy of the payment document with a bank note confirming the invoice payment, a power of attorney on behalf of the legal entity to receive travel documents (tickets), an ID document of the recipient, indicated in the power of attorney.

    9. In issuing travel documents (tickets) to a representative of a legal entity, the ticket cashier shall transfer the original of the invoice and, upon issuing travel documents (tickets), draw up an Act of Services Rendered (Annex 2) to be signed by the contractor and the representative of the legal entity.

    11. In case of cancellation of the trip, the return of travel documents (tickets) shall be made in accordance with the current rules for refund.

    12. The refund on the current account of the legal entity, except the issuance (refund), re-issuance of a travel ticket and booking of seats (for each seat) fee is carried out by the accounting department of the BRW branch station, which issued the invoice based upon request of the legal entity. 

    Originals of unused travel documents (tickets), documents confirming the return of seats shall be attached to the request.


 The list of stations issuing travel documents by bank transfer in international traffic (except for far abroad countries), in interregional and regional traffic.

Station Fax Tel. E-mail Address

Minsk Branch

Minsk-Pasažyrski 8(017) 225-51-46 8(017) 225-62-46 mpass_zakaz@minsk.rw.by Minsk, Privokzalnaya 3
Orša-Centraĺnaya - 8(0216) 29-20-77 orsha.zakaz@orsha.rw.by Orša, Zaslonava 3a
8(0176) 74-28-26 8(0176) 74-24-12 mol.zakaz@rwminsk.by Maladziečna, Vakzaĺnaja 1

Baranavičy Branch

Baranavičy-Palieskija 8(0163) 49-22-62 8(0163) 49-21-73 ivf@brnv.rw Baranavičy, Fraliankova 13
- - grlbkt@brnv.rw Hrodna, Budzionaha 37
Lida  - - vokzal_lida@brnv.rw Lida, Trukhanova 
- - lunvokzal@brnv.rw Luniniec, Vakzaĺnaja, 6

Brest Branch

Brest Centraĺny
8(0162) 26-01-09 8(0162)  26-35-73 lvok-kassa@brestrw.by
Brest, Kižavatava
Brest Centraĺny station
Kobryn - - - Kobryn, 56 Čyhunačnaja
Pinsk - - - Pinsk, 19 Čyhunačnaja

Homieĺ Branch

8(0232) 95-26-03 8(0232) 95-26-03 - Homieĺ, Pryvakzaĺnaja plošča, 3
- 8(02334) 6-24-29 vokzal.zhlobin@mail.ru Žlobin, Pryvakzaĺnaja plošča
8(02345) 9-51-00 8(02345) 9-57-29  lvok_kln@nod.gomel.by Kalinkavičy, Kastryčnickaja 30

Mahilioŭ Branch

- 8(0225) 46-53-84 Babrujsk, Čyhunačnaja 13
Biarezina - - - Babrujsk, 10 Pryvakzaĺny per.
Bychaŭ - - - Bychaŭ, 1 Pryvakzaĺnaja plošča
- - - Kryčaŭ, Puhačova 6
Klimavičy - - - Klimavičy, 18 Čyhunačnaja
Kamunary - - - Kasciukovičy, 1 Kulyashova 
8(0222) 39-37-05 8(0222) 39-37-05 grkassa@railway.mogilev.by Mahilioŭ, Pryvakzaĺnaja Plošča 1
- - osipvokzal@railway.mogilev.by Asipovičy, Vakzaĺnaja, 18
Pahodzina - - - Horki, 36 Mir 
- - - Sluck, 1 Vakzaĺnaja
Salihorsk - - - Salihorsk, 38 Lieninskaha Kamsamola 

Viciebsk Branch 

- 8(0212) 33-25-23, 33-24-25 vokzal@vtb.rw.by Viciebsk, Kasmanaŭtaŭ 8
- 8(0214) 73-26-05 zavbk@lp.plck.rw.by Polack, Kastryčnickaja 44


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