Kryčaŭ Railway Station

Kryčaŭ Railway Station

  Services/Location Contacts


Wi-Fi coverage network (BelRW_Wi-Fi):

Wi-fi connection requirements.
  • waiting room;

Ticket offices

issue, reissue, reserved seat ticket refund;

issue  of non-reserved ticket;


group request;

tickets via bank transfer;

tel. (+375 2241) 7 55 07, (work days 08.00 - 17.00);




Left-luggage office

storage of hand-luggage


tel. (+375 2241) 7 54 28, (daily 06.30 - 24.00).

Mobile, notebook charging

free charging


Other services
TASK insurance services


Inquiry tel.  105 (24/7)
Station manager tel. (+375 2241) 7 52 53
Deputy station manager tel. (+375 2241) 7 54 28, (+375 29) 299 22 53 (MTS)
Non-cash payments, group request tel. (+375 2241) 7 55 07

24-hour telephone support on:

(+375 222) 39 25 47 Beltelecom
(+375 29) 739 25 47 МТС
(+375 25) 739 25 47 Life
(+375 29) 659 25 47 Velcom

Station Manager Assistant on duty (+375 2241) 7 54 28, (+375 29) 299 22 53 (MTS).

Accessibility Map
Accessibility Accessibility Map Kryčaŭ Accessibility Map Kryčaŭ Accessibility Map Kryčaŭ Accessibility Map Kryčaŭ Accessibility Rate
Privokzalnaya square
Full accessibility. Min. way width is 2 m; space for turning. Level access to the platform.
Partial accessibility. No parking lots for persons with reduced mobility. 15 m distance between the parking and the entrance to the terminal.
Passenger ways
Partial accessibility. Min. way width is 2 m; space for turning. Level access from the main entrance to the platform. No tactile pavers.
Partial accessibility. Level access to the 1 platform. Access to the platforms through pedestrian maze.
Information and navigation
Partial accessibility. Passenger information is provided with the help of: light signs; boards; pictograms.
Ticket offices
Partial accessibility.
Luggage offices
Full accessibility. Accessible luggage office.
Waiting rooms
Full accessibility.
Partial accessibility. No special WCs for persons with reduced mobility.
— full accessibility
— partial accessibility
Services at the railway station:
  • assist in travelling around the railway terminal;
  • wheelchair service;
  • assist in purchase of tickets, buying goods, using luggage office;
  • help with luggage;
  • help to get on/out of train.
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4.Contact the Belarusian Railway Contact Center

If you could not find the information you need in the certificate, write email or call number 105 beltelecom mts  velcom  life

  • Booking tickets by phone 105 beltelecom mts velcom life (24h/7).
  • Belarusian Railways Passenger Support Service by calling 151 beltelecom mts velcom life (24h/7), e-mail
  • Service information for people with hearing loss skype Minsk, Hrodna, Homieĺ
  • Service information for people travelling abroad, by phone (+375 222) 39 25 47